Early Morning Late Spring

One blessing of this pandemic is the quiet… Especially in the morning.

The air is fresh, the sun is like a welcome cup of coffee… warming the soul.

Nothing but the birds and the breeze and the sun shining on my face.

How few of these moments we experience in life…

Savoring the stillness and feeling the flow, as best I know.

Its a treasure to plumb the deeper quiet depths of our soul.

Early Morning in the late Spring, was made for such contemplations ๐Ÿ™‚

Memorial Day Project

As you all are experiencing… it is a Corona World out there. Lots of things like hobbies and activities at home are picking up. More family time…

Anyway, this is my first attempt at a “movie”. Lets call it a glorified slideshow. I wanted to see how the different tools and techniques looked.

Some of these pictures are days old. Some are years old. No matter. Just telling a story of sorts.

The Curtin Family New Normal.

The song is one of mine that I hadn’t put words to… so I am putting pictures and subtitles to it.

When I Get Out of Here

Seems like a pretty timely thought…

All of us are feeling a bit pent up so I thought I would do some musical frolicking in the meantime…

Where Did the Time Go

Happy Mother’s Day… I made this song some time ago but it reflects feeling of melancholy we experience thinking of all the amazing people and amazing relationships we’ve had… and how it was so nice to be with certain people… don’t we wish we could all experience the moments we have with the ones we love, whether it family, friend or companion…

And of course, it goes for our dogs too ๐Ÿ™‚ That is Yuki chasing Hiro…

Dogs Don’t Care

This is a song about our two sided relationships with dogs… They love unconditionally, but they also are very needy. They don’t care about our faults.. .they love us no matter what. But, also, when we need a break – tired, sick, hungover, whatever… they don’t care… they want to do what they want to do…

This is a picture of Yuki. One of my two precious pit-mix rescues.

About to Fly

This song has the most plays so far… As with most of them, they are just things that come in the moment. No thought to structure or verse other than what comes to mind and accommodating it as best as my physical ability allows.

I hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Goodbye Chuck

I think this was back in the Fall. I saw a post on Facebook that said my teammate from college, Chuck Marshall, had passed away. I was very moved as he was a good guy and I had seen him within the last 5 years or so. We had bonded again over having had the privilege of raising an autistic child. Chuck was a good man.

I was sitting down on Saturday morning and as soon as I heard I laid down the voice and piano over a drum track. I added a couple of other tracks and this is the result.

Picture is courtesy of a Chic-Fil-A company newsletter that I found on-line ๐Ÿ™‚

Change Your Mind

Another song for you… This one started as a nice little instrumental that I threw some impromptu words over… I like the way it came out in general. If I were to be able to do another take I would modify one or two phrases…

Without further delay… Change Your Mind

By the way, the picture is of Yuki at Catfish Hollow as a puppy…

How Do You Feel?

I wrote this almost a year ago…

I was in a certain place.

I like how it came out.

The version above is the first tracks — usually a keyboard and vocals with a drum track. Maybe one more layer.. trumpets or something.

This one here is the “final” version, which usually means I stopped adding tracks. Remember, these have had no post-processing or scrubbing at all. They came from a one-session layering of track over track.

Anyway, here it is….

Its Been So Long

These songs all come from exercising my music muscles… learning to relax and let the first thing that comes to my mind, usually on a Saturday or Sunday, but sometimes, just any time… and letting it flow. This is another of those that I like the spirit of. Not that I am subtle or maudlin, pining… but it is a sentiment that I can feel us all feeling… I’m exploring something that goes where it goes. It is in the moment. Raw. Rough. Crude. In style and polish. In emotion.

I give you It’s Been So Long from my Soundcloud account.

JAGAH ยท Its Been So Long

A lot of my thinking is a confluence of loves… friends, children, lovers, parents, the divine… My spirit, talking to all these. Feeling what they feel, i feel my fellow brothers and sisters in spirit, what they feel. Sometimes overlapping.. but maintaining the thread of love and gratitude and accepting but flavored with yearning, loneliness, missed loves…mistakes… joys, aspirations… epiphanies.